Hello world!

Published August 2, 2012 by clynne76

Welcome to my new blog.  I orginally started a blog called Caitlyn’s Crazies and I will probably move some of those entries over here.  Caitlyn is our very spirited, bright and crazy 4 year old.  She keeps us in constant motion.  In fact she told me “napping” takes too long.  (In other words, bedtime was bothersome because it cuts into her play time).  Oh goodness, as if.  Caitlyn joined our world in the middle of an event that shook the very core of my being- the unexpected loss of my mom.  Although, she is no longer here, Caitlyn “knows” about her MiMi and asks about her often.  She knows she has an angel that is watching over her.  I hope to keep you entertained with the craziness and fun that Caitlyn brings to our family.